Work with a virtual team member you can trust

Our team members are highly skilled, vetted by our team, and are ready to make a difference.

The Process

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1.  Schedule a free strategy call

We offer a free, 15-minute strategy call to discuss your goals, challenges, and tasks you need help with. From there, we’ll answer any questions you have about working with a virtual team member.

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2.  Complete the signup form and one-time payment

Share the qualifications you are looking for in your next virtual team member on our signup form. At the end of the signup form, you will be prompted with a one-time payment to start the process!

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3.  Our team Finds Your Unicorn

We search, select, and interview candidates based on your specific needs and send you the top 3 VAs within 3-5 business days.

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4.  You Interview the Pre-Selected Candidates

Review the top vetted candidates, interview your top choices, and select the best fit for your team and needs.

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5.  Hire: You manage, We Provide Support

Start working directly with your new team member and let our success manager help you with setting up the contract, payroll, and discuss your priorities, so you can delegate your first task!